How to Use Keywords to Optimize Your Site for Search Engines by Herman Drost


Placing keywords strategically throughout your web pages willgreatly improve your rankings in the search engines. Many sites,however, leave them out altogether so your Site won't get rankedat all. Inserting too many keywords in your web pages orrepeating them too often, will result in your site gettingbanned from the search engines. 
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How do you sort all this out so you can effectively market yourweb site to the search engines? 
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How To Grow Your Blog And Get More Readers


What are the things you can do to grow your blog? As your blog grows, it helps you make more money.
You don’t need a massive blog with millions of page views and visitors to make money. You can make a good income with a small, niche site as long as you’re adding value to your visitors.
My adoption website is a very tiny niche. It doesn’t get much traffic at all, but it still churns out a nice profit each month.
Yes, the more visitors you have, the more you can make. You certainly want to do anything you can to drive more traffic to your site and build your email list. The following are some of the top tips to grow your blog traffic. You can explore each of these tips further as you continue on your blogging journey.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the practice of writing your blog posts so they rank higher in search engines. It’s quite a science and way too much to get into.
There are all kinds of books, courses, and websites dedicated to search engine optimization. You can spend hours just learning the basics.

Install the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin is a free WordPress add-on that helps you write blog posts that are search engine optimized. It’s installed on over 1 million blogs – because it’s that good.
It’s an easy way to get started learning SEO. The plugin shows up right in WordPress below your post editor. It will give you suggestions on what to fix for better SEO. Plus it gives you tips on improving the Readability of your post.
Make a note that as you get further along in your writing – maybe a couple of months from now – you revisit this topic.

Guest Post

Guest posting is where you write a blog article for someone else’s website. There are two very important reasons for guest posting:

1. You can drive a ton of new traffic to your website

I guest posted an article on The Penny Hoarder and got 155 email subscribers in 48 hours, and 2,500 new pageviews.
I also guest posted on Ultimate Guitar and got one email subscriber.
You never know what results you’ll get. But you do have to try occasionally to find out.

2. To get links to your website

One of the factors in how high you rank in Google and other search engines is how many high-quality websites link to your website. It’s part of the secret sauce, and Google doesn’t tell us how important it is, but it is important.

For example, Forbes is a very reputable website. Articles published on are more likely to rank higher than articles published on (or whatever). Google ranks Forbes articles higher in search results (generally) because of Forbes’ reputation.

If I can get quoted in Forbes or become a contributing author on and the quote/article includes a link to, Google will see that link. My website posts get ranked higher in Google because it’s associated with
The fancy term for this strategy is called backlinking. The more links you have from other reputable websites to your website, the higher you will show up in search results.

The easiest way to get those backlinks is to guest post.

Make It Easy To Share Your Content

All of your blog posts should have buttons that allow your readers to share your posts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
And it’s got to be easy!
Here are two tools I have used and recommend.


Another feature of the free SumoMe tool I mentioned in the email list building lesson is the free sharing tools it includes. It’s free!

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is the sharing plugin I currently use on my website. I used SumoMe at one time and then I switched to Social Warfare. For the life of me, I don’t recall why. I think Social Warfare had an email button and SumoMe didn’t at the time.
You have to decide which features you want and then pick the software that meets your goals.

Share Other Blogger’s Content

If I re-tweet or re-post content from Money magazine, it has zero benefits to me because Money magazine is a massive company that doesn’t care who I am. If the article was good it does benefit my followers.

If I re-tweet or re-post content from a popular blogger – (Stefanie O’Connell for example) – my readers and followers benefit because I’m sharing valuable content from other people.

NOTE: I’ll get into this in the section on Helping Other Bloggers, but be sincere in your help. If you only seek out to get something out of someone else, you won’t form a relationship with that person. I’ve liked Stephanie’s blog and content since I first saw it. She has an amazing story of being broke in New York City, and she’s built this amazing personal finance business in just a couple years. I help Stephanie because I like Stephanie, not because I want or expect to get anything out of the relationship.

It’s not possible for you to cover every single aspect of your topic. At some point, you have to share other people’s content. You’re going to get sick or want to go on vacation and won’t be able to write. Where will you turn? Other people’s content.

Link Your Posts Together

If you write ten different blog posts about different ways to make a sandwich, make an effort to link between your posts if it’s relevant.
For example:
• You have a blog post on making sourdough bread
• You then write another blog post on making an amazing grilled cheese sandwich
If your grilled cheese sandwich uses sourdough bread, link to your sourdough bread recipe.
There are two very important reasons for linking your posts together:
1. It keeps the reader on your site and makes it more likely they will read more of your posts. The more they read, the more page views you get, which increases your blog traffic.
2. Search engines see posts that link to one another as better than a post that has no internal linking. Your post will rank higher in search engines. Ten posts about bread recipes that don’t link to one another aren’t as good in the eyes of search engines as ten posts about bread recipes that do link to one another.
Don’t go crazy – only link to other articles when it makes sense.

Pin on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top traffic sources for many blogs. When I sat through a Pinterest session at a recent conference, I was blown away.
Bob over at SeedTime Personal Finance showed us how he was using Pinterest to generate over 1,000,000 page views in a year to his website. HUGE!
I’m no expert on Pinterest, nor do I want to be. I bought my wife Katie a course on Pinterest, and she set everything up on my blog. I’m now getting 1,500 visits a month to my blog from Pinterest.
While that’s much less than the 80,000/month Bob is getting, that’s still 1,500 people a month I may never have reached. I could do much better, but Pinterest is not a high priority for me.
Melissa over at Blog Clarity has the Pinterest course I bought. It’s very inexpensive compared to how much time it would take you on your own to seek out a bunch of free information on becoming a Pinterest expert.

Help Other Bloggers

Are you more or less likely to help me because I’m giving you all this great information for free?
You got that right – you’re more likely to help me. That help might come in the form of:
• Telling people you know about my website
• Promoting me on your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
• Sharing my content with others
• Linking to my blog from your blog
• Giving me a testimonial
• Referring me to someone you might meet in the future, even if it’s a year from now
A rising tide lifts all boats.
Other bloggers – even if they blog about the same topic – are not competition.
You wouldn’t believe how big the pie is, and there is plenty for everyone.
You can try to go it alone and not help anyone. The result will be it will take you 2-3 times longer to grow your blog. But if you sincerely set out to help others, they will, in turn, help you.
Warning: : When I say be sincere, I mean it. People can smell an insincere pitch a mile away. I was guilty of this when I first started blogging. If you start out becoming friends with other bloggers first, sometime in the future they will help you with your eBook launch, promoting your blog, your course, giving you an introduction to someone – whatever – because you’re friends.

A few months after I started blogging I went to a podcasting conference and ran into Philip Taylor (PT) of PT is a great guy. He introduced me to a bunch of people in the personal finance space that had been blogging and podcasting for years. He and I have become friends – I’ve even had him and his family over for dinner.
If PT ever asks me for help with anything, you can bet I will say yes. Because friends do that for one another.
Always give more than you get.

Action Items

A bunch more great of ideas, right? Let’s keep it simple.

1. Add social sharing buttons to your website

Hopefully, you’ve already added SumoMe to your website to start collecting email addresses. If you haven’t – go ahead and install it.

Add the free SumoMe Share tool so your visitors can share your content with their friends, family, and others. The more people share your site and content, the more viral traffic goes back to your site.

2. Identify one blogger you want to build a relationship with

Start following them on social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) and repost one piece of their content 1–2 times per week.
If you want to get gutsy, drop them an email just to say hello and tell them why you like them. Sincerity wins.

3. Install the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress

Once you get this free plugin installed, it will help guide you in your writing of search-engine friendly blog posts.

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Top Cyber Security Penetration Testing Tools.


With the current proliferation of attacks on computer systems, proactively safeguarding your critical IT infrastructure is key. And, one of the best techniques for companies and individuals to protect themselves is through penetration testing.
Penetration testing (or pen testing) refers to the technique of assessing the security of IT systems with the intention of discovering vulnerabilities—before attackers identify them.
If you want to dive deeper into penetration testing, you can watch professionals atLiveEdu and gain important skills for defending your systems.
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Best practices while using the Stripe payment process


For better understanding of this Topic, Please read from HERE

PCI compliance with Stripe

Most users become PCI compliant by filling in the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) provided by the PCI Security Standards Council. The type of SAQ depends on how you collect card data. The simplest method of PCI validation is SAQ A. The fastest way to become PCI compliant with Stripe is to make sure you qualify for a prefilled SEQ A. If so Stripe will fill the SEQ A for you and will make it available for you to download to your account's compliance settings after the first 20 or so transactions. The way to achieve this is as follows:

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How to Choose an Online Payment Solution


The payment provider is chosen based on many different criteria. Some of these are the service availability in the country where your bank account is, costs of a transaction, monthly fees, the costs of integration, and whether it resolves sales tax issues or allows for integration with some other well-known payment solutions. Many of these questions must be answered by You the client. Stripe is our preferred choice as it had excellent API capabilities. This article will use Stripe as its payment processor of choice.

Best Practices for payment providers
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How to Recover Deleted files from NTFS and FAT Hard Drive Partition?


A hard disk, when this word comes into anyone mind. Without any question, they link this word with storage media that can save a bulk amount of data. Nowadays, users have very much relied on a hard disk drive for the bulk storage, it can be internal or external Hard disk. So, if data stored in it get lost, it becomes the serious problem for any user.
Basically, hard disk stores data in either using NTFS or FAT Partition. Sometimes, accidentally a file is deleted, data is not shown by the system, files are lost, during performing any process. Most of the users faced this type of situation in their day-to-day life. However, if proper care is not done while using the hard drive, then there may be chances of corruption. It may also corrupt NTFS and FAT partition on the hard drive. Thus, this article will provide depth details about; how to recover deleted files from the NTFS Partition as well as FAT Partition.
User’s Query for Deleted Data Recovery from NTFS Partition
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All Anyone Needs To Know About Desktop Computers


Shopping for a computer is just like shopping for any expensive investment when you know more, you'll get better results. This article will give you beneficial information towards your buying process. This article has been written by experts.

Use virus protection software. Running without antivirus support can leave you vulnerable to malicious software invading your system. This software can find your personal information and cause your computer's performance to suffer. Anti-virus protection programs exist to identify and eliminate threats to your computer security. You can find some useful anti-virus programs on the Internet that are free to use, while others are available for purchase.

Try to find computers that are being given away. You may be able to get one very inexpensively because others are switching over to using laptops. It is still important to verify that fact, although in many cases, the machines are in great condition.

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How To Avoid Computer Repair Problems


We somewhat take our computers, laptops, and other such devices for granted, but these are just like any other electronics and sooner or later develop some sort of issues, which require repair.

In many cases, the nature of the problem may be small, but you need to get it right before it turns into a bigger problem. However, you can apply a number of easy techniques to avoid computer repair problems in future.

Image result for Avoid computer repairLet's check out a few tips that can help you to stay ahead in maintaining your computer or other similar devices.

Make A List Of The Symptoms

When your PC starts showing any kind of operational issues, you will be appeared with particular error messages. These error message should be composed alongside alternate symptoms and disappointments confronted by you.
You may not be able to figure out the correct nature and reason of the PC problem because of their technical nature, yet when you catch these points of interest in a detailed and thorough way, then it will help the expert to recognise and take care of the issue rapidly. So you should observe the PC issue and note it down properly.

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What's the Difference Between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0?


32infoUniversal Serial Bus (USB) jacks and ports are tools that allow you to connect computer peripherals to your computers, keyboards, external hard drives, or storage keys.

The numbers following the USB symbol simply correspond to the version of the USB standard concerned, the 3.0 and 3.1 series being the most recent at the time these lines are written.

In addition to the color of their connectors (version 3.0 is usually blue), it is the speed of data transfer that is the main difference between these two standards.

Thus, the USB 2.0 standard, introduced in 2000, made it possible to guarantee a transfer speed much higher than that of the previous standard: from 1.5 MB per second to theoretical 60 MB! USB 3.0, appeared in 2008, has multiplied this transfer rate by 10, reaching the theoretical rate of 625 MB per second!

Be careful, if backward compatibility is supported in the case of USB 3.0 jacks (that is, your device with a USB 3.0 port will work on your computer with USB 2.0 sockets), the speed of transfer will remain blocked to 2.0 standards...
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What Is Ubuntu Linux? Find Help Here...


Ubuntu is a popular distribution of the Linux operating system which has acquired a wildly growing user base and I am one of them. Described as being Linux for Human Beings, Ubuntu is somewhere in between Mandriva (formerly Mandrake) and Fedora Core in terms of ease of use. Ubuntu has recently been awarded Best Distribution, and is rated as the top Linux distribution by Distrowatch.Image result for Ubuntu Linux
Getting Ubuntu

The first thing you need to do if you are online, is to go to Go to the

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What are Removable Medias and Their Uses


Removable Media Defined

removable media
Removable media is any type of storage device that can be removed from a computer while the system is running. Examples of removable media include CD's, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, as well as diskettes and USB drives. Removable media makes it easy for a user to move data from one computer to another.

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Top 10 IT Training Courses and Certification of 2018


We are in the technology age. Every industrial sector is embedded with new and advanced technological products. IT (Information Technology) has become the spine of current human civilization. There is no doubt that students or professionals who have high aspirations must opt for trending IT training courses and certification today. High salary packages, big brands, fruitful career and plethora of job opportunities are going to knock if enrolled to the top 10 global IT training courses.
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Top 5 Project Management Concepts You Must Learn in Your Project Management Course Certification


Project Management is a discipline that involves planning, controlling, securing and managing of resources to achieve specified goals. The project requirements are met by applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques. The courses in Project Management impart this relevant knowledge and skills. It enables the candidates to ensure successful execution of the project within the deadline and proposed budget. Doing such courses accelerates your chances of getting hold of a high-flying job while the working professionals witness promotion and hike in salaries. However, the certification is valuable only if you have the know-how of all vital terminologies and concepts. Here are 5 essential concepts that ought to be learned during your course:
1. Decision making
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How to add Payoneer to your Safe Senders list


Email has become an important communication tool not only for consumers but also for marketers, support staff, sales organizations, and businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately however the increase of email use has simultaneously lead to an increase in email abuse.  As a result, emails are often blocked or filtered into the bulk folder making it difficult to receive email communications even if you have subscribed to receive them.
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How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop for You


If you want to find the best gaming laptop, then there are some basic tips that you must know. When buying a gaming laptop, you must know your needs first. It may take some time as it requires careful study on a few features. There is no doubt that gaming laptops are a different beast than standard laptops that you have seen so far. If you want to play some popular games such as Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dirt: Showdown, and Assassin's Creed, then finding the best gaming laptop is a must.

Things You Must Know
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